How to Find Storage Units With Electricity [2024 Guide]

If you live in a small apartment in a congested city like Yonkers, New York, you may quickly run out of space for your stuff.

You need somewhere to store those boxes of old books, your winter clothes, and grandma’s antique furniture set without cluttering up your home. Self-storage is a top choice, given its versatility. However, you won’t want just any storage unit — the ideal unit must be electrically equipped.

Storage units with electricity allow you to store temperature-sensitive items, plug in and recharge electronics, and even access lighting and power tools. Join us as we explore the top electricity-enabled storage facilities across the US, their pricing, and how these supercharged units can cater to your storage needs.

Why Electricity Matters in Storage Units

One important consideration when looking for storage units is electricity.

Storage facilities with electricity offer the following benefits for both residential and business customers:

  1. Climate control
  2. Powering your unit
  3. Added security
  4. Flexibility and functionality

1. Climate Control

Electricity allows storage facilities to regulate temperature and humidity through cooling and heating systems. This climate control functionality is essential for protecting the items in your unit from damage due to extreme weather. Without it, your belongings, especially the sensitive ones, could be subjected to mold, rust, or infestation.

2. Powering Your Unit

Having an electrical outlet in your self-storage unit means you’ll be able to plug in lights, tools, electronics, and other devices. This makes it much more convenient to access and work with the items in your unit. If you need to test electronics or charge a battery, you won’t have to transport the items out of storage.

3. Added Security

Electrical access is required to add an extra layer of electronic security for storage units. Facilities can install security cameras, alarm systems, and motion-activated lights. These measures deter thieves and vandals, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are well-protected. At Honey Store It, our facility is electricity-powered, meaning we’re able to provide 24/hr surveillance for your belongings.

4. Flexibility and Functionality

Ultimately, storage unit electricity makes self-storage versatile and useful. With power, a storage space becomes more than just a place to keep extra boxes and furniture. It can function as a work area, charging station, or temporary office. This flexibility provides greater value and convenience.

In summary, electricity-powered units offer various benefits, like climate control, added security, and more. However, most storage units don’t offer 24/7 electricity. To aid your search, we’ll explore some locations to find electrically powered storage facilities below.

Top Locations for Electric Storage Units in the US

If you’re looking for self-storage units with electricity, some of the top spots in the US to consider are Yonkers, New York, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland. These cities are leaders in promoting sustainability and offer storage facilities with charging stations for electric vehicles as well as climate-controlled units powered by electricity.

Top Locations for Electric Storage Units in the US

New York: A Pioneering City for Green Storage

New York is not only a hub for convenience and accessibility but also demonstrates a commitment to reducing carbon footprints through its support for electric vehicles and green energy. These new regulations mean storage facility owners in New York provide electrically powered charging stations to help customers charge their EVs while ensuring other convenience.

If you need a storage unit for your apartment or business in Yonkers, NY, check out Honey Store It. We have an electricity-powered self-storage facility that houses our climate-controlled units and Tesla Supercharging Stations. Book a unit today to store your items in a convenient location with easy access.

California’s Trio of Eco-Friendly Storage Havens

San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are EV-friendly hubs in California. Most storage facilities offer charging stations, electricity in units, and discounts for eco-friendly renters. You’ll often find storage facilities that offer solar-powered climate control units, so feel free to ask the nearest facility if they offer these features.

If you live in New York or any of the top cities embracing EVs, you’re bound to find a self-storage facility using electricity in your neighborhood. The future is electric, even for storage, so keep an eye on the markets embracing this trend. However, storage solutions with electricity cost more than standard storage units, so it’s important to know what you can expect in pricing.

Costs and Pricing for Electric Storage Units

If you’re in the market for a storage unit with electricity, you’ll want to consider several factors that will determine how much you pay each month. Storage unit rates vary quite a bit depending on the size of the unit, added amenities like climate control, and the location of the facility.

Costs and Pricing for Electric Storage Units

The Size of the Unit

The bigger the storage unit, the higher the price tag. A small 5x5 or 5x10 unit may only cost $36–$59 per month, while a large 10x30 space could be $234 or more. Think about how much of your stuff you really need to store and go for the smallest size that will fit your needs. It’ll save you money in the long run.

The Facility’s Location

Storage facilities located in large cities and dense suburban areas often charge significantly more than those in rural locations due to higher property values and demand. Therefore, if you live in a high-brow area, expect to pay more for storage units with electricity.

Climate Control Costs

A climate-controlled unit will typically cost 25–50% more than a standard non-temperature-regulated space. At At Honey Store It, for example, our 5x5 climate-controlled units cost $100. The additional charges for cooling and heating the space significantly impact the overall price.

By choosing the right size in an affordable location, skipping unnecessary extras, and looking for the best deals, you can keep your monthly payments for a storage unit with electricity within a reasonable budget. Don’t forget to check out our facility in Yonkers if you live in or around New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electronics OK in a storage unit?

Storing electronics in a secure storage unit is usually safe. They offer peace of mind with strong security measures. However, ensure the unit has climate control to protect it from extreme temperatures and humidity that can damage electronics.

Is it OK to keep a TV in a storage unit?

Yes, it’s okay to store a TV in a unit if it’s properly covered and the unit maintains moderate temperature and humidity. Protecting the TV from extreme conditions and dirt is crucial to prevent damage.

Do storage units have outlets?

Traditional storage units don’t come with electrical outlets, as they’re not a common requirement for renters. Outlets are a special feature in some facilities like Honey Store It, but not the standard offering.

What shouldn’t you store in a storage unit?

Avoid storing perishables, animals, flammable or combustible materials, weapons, ammunition, chemicals, radioactive or biological agents, illegal items, and money in storage units. These items pose safety risks or are against storage facility regulations.


Storage units with electricity are the wave of the future for convenient, powered-up storage solutions. Whether you’re a business needing secure inventory space or a family with extra stuff, electric storage units let you plug in and power up right at your rental. And in a prime location like Yonkers, you get the accessibility you desire plus the electricity you need.

Check out Honey Store It if you live in New York or its environs! Our units are equipped with electricity and climate control. You’re also free to drop by and charge your EVs at our Tesla Charging stations.